28 Reasons Why Canada Baffles its Tourists

28 Reasons Why Canada Baffles its Tourists

Whilst road trippin’ Canada earlier this year I learnt 3 things. The first being how incredibly beautiful and diverse the country is. From arctic tundra, to the arid badlands, the non-polar ice fields to the mountains, from the alpine forests to the meadows, Canada really does have it all. The second thing I learnt was how relaxed and willing to have a laugh the Canadians are and I write this post mostly for them. Thirdly and definitely the most outlandish, I learnt that Canada is a baffling place for tourists, here are 28 reasons why.


28 reasons why Canada baffles its tourists


.1. Canadians have an incessant need to say ‘eh’ to end a sentence.


.2. Why a canoe is strapped to the car weeks after a Canadian has been to the lakes.


.3. Why 100% maple syrup in gift shop is 15 times the price of 100% maple syrup in the grocery store


.4. The $1 coin in called a loonie after a bird it’s face but then a $2 coin is called a toonie when a polar bear is on it….BAFFLED!


.5. Why the Canadian national animal is the beaver when everybody hates them


.6. Why lacrosse is the national sport? Is that even a sport?!


.7. Why when a Canadian goes camping, do they chop wood for hours on end and rig up 3 immaculate tarpaulin canopies just to pack it all down, leave the wood behind for someone else and leave early the next morning. … Thank you for the wood but geez we’re baffled!


.8. The word ‘adventure’ to a Canadian means throwing your tent in a canoe or hiking into the wilderness for a few days.


.9. Why Banff National Park hasn’t been offered to the Australians.


.10. Why CBC radio is not worldwide – damn that’s some good listening!


.11. What’s the big deal around ‘Poutine’. I mean who hasn’t eaten chips and gravy, all you’ve done is add the cheese!


.12. The 4 way intersections.  I never thought there would be a road rule which states ‘whoever gets there first gets right of way.’ Where are the round-a-bouts?!!


.13. Why there are speed limits. The sign says maximum speed 100km/h, my speedometer says 105 km/h and there is an enormous truck flying past me… UPHILL! Baffled!


.14. What is with the Canadian obsession with ice cream in winter

28 reasons why Canada baffles its tourists, Canada

.15. Why Toronto and Vancouver are sworn rivals


.16. Why tax isn’t included on the price of goods. An umbrella might sell for $9.99 but your $10 note in your pocket isn’t enough…  there’s 13% tax on top.


.17. Why so many Canadians will argue that they don’t have polar bears in their country


.18. The Canadian obsession with trucks. 1/4 ton, 1/2 ton, 3/4 ton, 1 ton… Our seemingly bulky ford explorer was mouse on the road compared to every one else.


.19. Every town, no matter how big or small, has to have a World record holder for something. Whether that be the ‘longest fly rod’ , ‘biggest truck’, ‘biggest moose statue’, ‘home of corn’, …. Baffled!


.20. Why during the salmon run, do fisherman insist on using a rod when there are 200 flailing salmon at their feet. Wouldn’t a net guarantee success?


.21. Maple syrup baked beans.


.22. -60degree winters


.23. Roads that can only be driven in winter when the rivers freeze.


.24. A 5 hour drive is a morning cruise to a Canadian.


.25. Why Timmy’s hasn’t taken over the world!


.26. The effort Canadians go to (road trips to the USA), to avoid the steep taxes.


.27. Why 15% service tax is mandatory and earns servers more than almost anyone else.


.28. Why Manitoba has a 1300km long cinnamon bun route.. I mean, I know they are good but 1300km’s!




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