6 Tips to Make the Most Out of Bromo National Park

6 Tips to Make the Most Out of Bromo National Park

Explore Java: explore Bromo National Park


Bromo National Park in eastern Java is the picture perfect postcard of Indonesia; A spectacular view of several volcanic cones erupting from the basin of a dirt red caldera. Its centrepiece is mount Bromo, an active volcano in the heart of this tumultuous landscape which can be climbed and peered into.


This travel treasure is no secret, hoards of people come to view the sun rising over Bromo’s caldera every single day and to get a closer look in its steamy crater. Busy as this spectacle may be, it is still one of Indonesia’s most incredible sights, fortunately we have a few tips so you can make the most out of Bromo National Park and avoid any nasty surprises.



1. Book your accommodation early.

Bromo is a serious contender for bulk tourism so it is crucial to pick your dates and start booking. We would advise you to sort out your accommodation three weeks in advance.


2. Score accommodation in Cemoro Lawang.

Accommodation websites give misleading information as to their position, many are actually based in Probolinggo which is a 45 minute drive from the caldera. Cemoro Lawang is within walking distance of a sunset viewpoint, clouds permitting, plus you don’t have to rise so early for your sunrise tour.


Bromo National Park, Explore Java


3. Do not feel pressured into booking a tour until you have arrived.

There is an abundant amount of jeeps that will be more than happy to take you on an early morning tour, plus you’ll score the fixed price by booking through your hotel, without the agency fees. Even your return taxi to Probolinggo/Surabaya can be easily arranged from the mountain top.


4. Take a Jeep.

Yes that is what everyone else is doing but do not let that bother you because the benefits are plentiful. Those taking a walk cannot possibly reach the ‘classic’ sunrise point, those on a motorcycle will risk their lives and their lungs crossing the sandy desert floor. Spending $50 per jeep is excellent value as it seats up to 6 people and comes with an experienced driver!


Bromo National Park, Explore Java



5. Escape the sunrise compound.

Pushing and shoving hundreds of tourists aside to see the best Bromo has to offer is not something you want to be doing at 5:00am in the morning.  Push the boundaries a little, escape the confinement of the designated lookout point. You will be greatly rewarded with a hillside viewpoint with the exact same scenery, all to yourself. It is absolute bliss.

Hint* Look for gaps in fences.


Bromo National Park, Explore Java


6. Stay for 2 nights.

The mountainous area around Cemoro Lewaang is a pristine, lush and tranquil haven, once the masses have left. Bromo is often visited on a strict schedule so as soon as the morning tour finishes, the tourists depart by the busload and the area becomes a ghost town. Taking the time to reminisce and appreciate an alternative side to this volcanic area is ideal. There is so much beauty and culture to absorb away from the tourist hot spots, and with the extra day you can experience this unique part of Indonesia without the hustle and bustle.


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  • Lisa says:

    Thank you for your blog.
    Do you have a recommendation for lodging in Cemoro Lawang and is two nights enough?
    Thank you

  • Lisa says:

    Thank you for your blog. Do you have a recommendation for lodging in Cemoro Lawang? Also is a two night stay enough?
    Thank you

    • Hey Lisa,
      thanks for getting in touch. I’ve been to Bromo twice, first I stayed at Cafe Lava and it was great. It was close to everything and right in the heart of Cemoro Lawang, just book it early because the next time around it was all booked up.

      The second time around I stayed a 10mins out of Cemoro Lawang (because I booked last minute!!) at Sion View Bromo which was more expensive but was clean and in a quitter spot more beautiful spot.

      2 nights is enough, it’s actually a great amount of time to walk around and see a little more of the area other than the main view points.

      I hope that helps, have fun and let me know how your trip goes.
      If you need any more help with Indo plans just ask, we’ve travelled over 8 months there and loved every minute 🙂

      x Prue

  • I can’t say I’d ever heard of Bromo national park, but I can see why it’s a bit of a tourist trap. You wouldn’t want to miss that sunrise!

    • Hey beautiful Katie,

      When ever you get the chance – a few months or whatever PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE visit Indonesia! We spent 7 months there and we still have a list of islands to explore. Adventure, unreal landscapes, weird and wonderful cultures, rare and endemic animals, budget travel, easy language to learn, VOLCANOES, best diving in the world… and on and on! haha. Where’s next chica?

      xx Prue

  • Hi Prue,

    I dig your tips.

    I need to head over there; in Bali for about 2 more months 😉

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Hey Sir!

      How’s Jimbaran treating you this week, keeled over from the super boost smoothies and jaffles yet? HA! Or just from living the life of a blogger with a permanent cocktail in your hand 😛 ? Indo is UNREAL – it’s got absolutely everything!!

      Love to you and Kelli,

      Prue and Becks

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