Parrotfish Sleeps in a Bubble. No, Literally

Parrotfish Sleeps in a Bubble. No, Literally

As divers we are constantly learning about the weird and wonderful behaviours of the marine life below the surface. From camouflage, to sonar, to crabs that live inside anus’s, the underwater world is never ceasing to amuse and shock. Whilst we were working up on the Great Barrier Reef, one of the most important places to see in Australia, we learnt about the parrotfish and how it too has an unusual behaviour.

Every night a parrot fish regurgitates a single sum of phlegm which it then proceeds to swim inside. The phlegm prevents the parrot fishes unusually strong ‘fishy’ scent from escaping and alluring predators while it sleeps. If a diver shines a light on the fish while in this meditative state it will instinctively assume it is morning and quite literally burst its bubble.




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