Blue Fire Roars From Ijen Volcano

Blue Fire Roars From Ijen Volcano

Explore Java: explore Ijen Volcano

In the early hours of the morning, the crater of Ijen Volcano in Java is alight with blue flames. I had read about this a few months before arriving in Ijen and really wasn’t sure how blue or how impressive this ‘blue fire’ was. In the early hours of the morning Becks and I hiked in and peered over the lip of the volcano to see for ourselves. Was it blue?! YES!! Was it impressive?! YES!


The astonishing phenomenon is caused by sulphuric gas escaping the volcanic vents at 600 degrees Celsius, by day this sulphurous activity turns yellow and the sulphur collectors arrive. Ijen Volcano is one of the deadliest and strangest places to work. Strapped for cash? Here is some advice on how to can experience Ijen on a budget.



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