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Welcome to our destination guide: ‘Travel Indonesia’.  We created this guide with a unwavering passion for the country, to encourage travellers in Indonesia to push…

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Welcome to our destination guide: ‘Travel Indonesia’.  We created this guide with a unwavering passion for the country, to encourage travellers in Indonesia to push their boundaries and explore beyond the touristy hubs. Why? Because we found Indonesia one of the most rewarding countries we’ve travelled so far and want you to see it for yourself. Any questions, please get in touch, we would be happy to answer any queries.


After spending 8 months in the country, I would be unable to find a single reason for anyone not to travel Indonesia. It has everything you could ever ask for; Islands coated with volcanoes, the world’s best diving (FACT), blankets of rainforest hiding wild orang-utans, ancient tribes and traditions that have been left untouched by modernisation and glorious sun-kissed beaches.


Oh and did I mention that this is a budget destination?


Looking at Indonesia is daunting, this string of 18,307 islands is not easy to navigate and knowing where to start is tough. Separating Indonesia into provinces allows you to assess which area appeals more to your desires.


Our travel Indonesia blogs are first hand accounts of great destinations within this vast country. You can travel Indonesia on a budget of $40 dollars per day or you can take a luxury dive holiday and spent $150. With most tourists landing and staying in Bali Indonesia’s extremities remain hidden. Using our destination guide will link you to some unique wonders and help you get off the beaten track. Enjoy.


But be warned, when you’ve finished travelling Indonesia expect to take these 12 withdrawal symptoms with you…


Travel Indonesia


Visit Bali /Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is the Yang to Bali’s Yin, think isolated forests, gigantic cliffs that overlook migrating Manta rays and blissful isolation. One of Bali’s highlights remains undiscovered while within Bali itself are some gorgeous pockets that have escaped the rapid development of mass tourism.


Explore Java

With volcanoes intercepting every drive, the world’s most revered temple and one of Indonesia’s best surf beaches, Java is an indispensable part of your Indonesian adventure. Merely a stones throw from Bali, this island is truly magnificent and will surely leave you wanting to come back.


North Maluku

Two conical islands formed by gigantic volcanoes and one huge spidery landmass shrouded in forest and waiting to be explored. Welcome to North Maluku


North Sulawesi

Sulawesi’s scraggy tentacles-like land forms reach out towards the rest of Indonesia. In the north, on the tip of the longest tentacle is North Sulawesi, a must for any nature or dive connoisseur a-like. Imagine dense jungle falling upon black-sand beaches, endemic monkeys swimming in the ocean,  wide-eyed tarsiers and an underwater world that would complete most divers ‘shot’ list.


Raja Ampat

Most people would say that Raja Ampat cannot be visited on a budget and diving is its only charm but I disagree. Whilst diving is the main reason to visit, there are plenty of other highlights; Finding isolated beaches, snorkelling with mantas or even hiking to view the world’s most incredible landscapes at Wayag. The beautiful thing is that you can experience Raja Ampat on a budget AND we have a sneaky alternative to the Wayag lookout that is currently unknown. Let us show you!


West Timor

Ancient head-hunter, bizarre cultures, freakish funerals and world class waves; West Timor is unique to say the least. Less trodden then other parts of Indonesia and still very undeveloped, West Timor is THE place to travel if you are looking to go ‘straight on detour’ and get off the beaten path.




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