Diving the Underwater Museum (MUSA)

Diving the Underwater Museum (MUSA)

Craving a world travel adventure? Why not try scuba diving the Underwater Museum in Mexico


Clusters of 500 individual statues, once distinguishable, now freakishly mutated from overgrown coral, stare up at you from the depths- This is the underwater museum of Isla Mujeres.  Hand carved by Jason deCairnes Taylor, an English sculpture, this artificial reef was sunk to 10 meters in 2009 and has since drawn scuba divers from all over the world. Rather small, the interest for this dive site lies in the oddity; it’s grotesqueness.  Weaving between the exhibitions I found myself searching for meanings, linking sculptures with history, almost like people watching when you create a past for a stranger. Well worth a look.


If you find yourself stuck with a second tank we highly recommend the wreck for advanced divers. Although rather small, this wreck with it’s medium current brings shoals of eagle rays and schooling trevally.


How to Get to Isla Mujeres

Super easy, take the 20 minute ferry ride from Cancun’s Puerto Juarez out to Isla Mujeres. Dive shop owners are of the plenty, advertising the museum dive from their windows.



Diving the Underwater Museum Of Isla Mujeres , Scuba diving

Diving the Underwater Museum Of Isla Mujeres , Scuba diving

Diving the Underwater Museum Of Isla Mujeres , Scuba diving Diving the Underwater Museum Of Isla Mujeres , Scuba diving





The Wreck


Diving the Underwater Museum Of Isla Mujeres (MUSA), Mexico Diving the Wreck at Isla Mujeres (MUSA), Mexico





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  • Hi Prue,

    Way cool shots! Like a mini litle itty bitty Atlantis, and I dig the wildlife on the woman statue. Diving seems fascinating enough with the fish thing going on but adding in a MUSA spices things up even more.

    Fab snaps 🙂


    • Pretty much!!There is even VW beetle down there… That women was really interesting, we spent ages hanging around her checking out her ‘deformities’. There was a guy down there that looked to have gills which was pretty cool also.

      Thanks mate.


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