Hiking Stac Pollaidh in the Scottish Highlands

Hiking Stac Pollaidh in the Scottish Highlands


Hiking Stac Pollaidh was the best thing we did in our week in Assynt and if you are ever passing by and you’ve got a sunny day, do it. You won’t regret those views!

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. Views whilst Hiking Stac Pollaidh


We found ourselves pinching each other because we have a whole week in Assynt, a region in the Scottish highlands we knew very little about until a quick google image search which convinced us we NEEDED to know a lot more. If it wasn’t for this house sit in Lochinver, we may never have come, nor climbed any mountains and honestly that would have been a shame because this region of Scotland is incredible.


Planning a hiking day in Scotland, especially in mid January is quite easy. Every evening we look at the weather, which is followed by a re-check in the morning just to be sure and if that ball of sun is there for a majority of the day (and the wind isn’t too crazy) then it’s game on. So when that day arrived for us we were in the car (dog and all) with backpacks packed and on the road to Stac Pollaidh, all by the time the sun popped up.

.Views whilst Hiking Stac Pollaidh


Why Stac Pollaidh?

Short answer, we watched a BBC4 show on the geology of the region on one of our rainy days and when the presenter ascended Stac Pollaidh it looked so damn good we had to do it.



Better than good! The hike leads immediately up the face through the moorland and then circumnavigates the summit (or close to) allowing you to experience uninterrupted 360 degree views of Loch Lurgainn, Loch Sionnasgaig, Loch Bad a’ Ghaill as well as the neighbouring mountains of Cul Mor, Cul Beag, Suilven and Sgurr Tuath. We were truly blown away.

In winter the low lying shrubs are incredibly golden especially as they absorb the low morning sun and I bet in summer they will turn a vibrant green. Now I have to mention the rocks, because this area is part of the North Highlands Geopark park after all. When hiking Stac Pollaidh you cannot help notice the incredible muddy-red sandstone protruding from it’s top like a spiky porcupine but something you cannot see is the metaphoric bedrock formed 1,500 MILLION YEARS AGO!

.Views whilst Hiking Stac Pollaidh, Scotland


Want to do it for yourself?  Here are the stats for Hiking Stac Pollaidh

Length: 4.5km

Time: 2-4hrs

Assent: 510m

Path?: A well warn track so you can’t get lost

Prue and Becks Difficulty rating: 3/5

Starting point: Type in Google maps ‘Stac Pollaidh carpark’ .. it’s that easy!


If hiking is your kind of world travel adventure, we’ve got loads in our hiking guide.


Views whilst Hiking Stac Pollaidh

.Hiking Stac Pollaidh, scotland hikes

Hiking Stac Pollaidh, scotland hikes

Hiking Stac Pollaidh, scotland hikes

Hiking Stac Pollaidh, scotland



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Hiking Stac Pollaidh, scotland hikes

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