How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs While Travelling

How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs While Travelling

We applaud ‘The Siem Reap Hostel’  in Cambodia for so many things. They have a great vibe, keep their hotel pristine and provide an unending array of commodities (from a cinema to baggage storage to $1 frozen daiquiris) and know how to get rid of bed bugs while travelling.


This hostel also employs ample Cambodian staff, pays decent wages and participates in community projects.


Sounds perfect?


It pretty well is.


My awe for the place peaked when one night we found a bed bug in our room. A minute after we mentioned the critters to the front desk the hotel owners descended upon us. It is the holiday season but they don’t flinch or interrogate. Instead the room is on lockdown quicker than we can move out of it and two huge plastic bags are handed our way. “Put everything you own in this and we shall wash and steam it, even your backpacks, we don’t want you carrying them on.” The exterminators arrive 30 minutes later and the bedroom is out of use for three whole days.


Our baggage and clothes are freshly pressed and returned to us after we’ve had a nap in our newly situated room.


For anyone that has ever dealt with bed bugs I am sure that you agree to praise ‘The Siem Reap Hostel’ for their response. This is one of the most outstanding examples of customer service that I have ever experienced in a hostel.


We can use their methods to find out ‘How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs While Travelling.’


Firstly, anything that has touched the bed must be kept separate from your other gear, and go for a hot wash. If your backpack has also spent time on the bed take it for a steam. An alternative to this is to pour boiling water over your clothes/backpack. Since bed bugs can withstand freezing temperatures they can be put onto a long haul flight and come out of hibernation on the other side! This is scary but fear not because they cannot withstand hot temperatures. Placing things in a bucket and pouring hot water on top of them WILL kill these critters but you must make sure you do this thoroughly and do not let anything that could be contaminated touch your clothes that does not need treating. One bed bug missed means more bed bugs in the future.




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