How to Get To Boti Village in West Timor

How to Get To Boti Village in West Timor

How to get to Boti

Hire a guide from Kupang, SoE or Kefamenu. They vary in price from 300,000 per day per group to 600,000 per day per person. Check here for our advice on guides to the villages of West Timor.


Niki Niki is a small local town and also the junction at which you must attain alternative transport and begin your descent into the hillside.


From Kupang regular buses run east to Niki Niki and should take between 3 1/2 and 4 hours, these buses pass through SoE which is only 30 minutes from Niki Niki.


From Kefamenu regular buses run south to Niki Niki and take 2 hours.


From Niki Niki it is a further one and a half hours drive through undulating landscape, for this your guide needs to have hired private transport or you must be ready to take an Ojek (motorbike with driver, approx 50,000 one way). On route marvel at the spectacularly perched villages at the cliffs edge or just cling onto your Ojek driver as he navigates the ragged road. Take a detour and pass through Oinlasi market on Tuesdays and watch the locals bartering but beware these roads may become impassable with rainfall.



How to get to Boti Village, West Timor
Traditional Meeting House




There is basic home stay accommodation in Boti which is comfortable and reasonably clean.  It costs 100,000 Rupiah per person per night including a hearty dinner of local produce to say and can be organised by your guide on short notice.



About Boti

Boti is an incredibly unique village known for its Animistic beliefs and independence. If you are interested in Boti, it’s quirks and how it came to be an independent village take a look at the article ‘Boti and it’s spirits stand alone against development’ or just check out its weird funeral practice.





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  • […] names of the seven people that will carry them to their burial site. They carry the body outside of Boti village to an unknown location, guided by the speaking spirit. Only once the body is laid upon the earth do […]

  • […] Boti, the tribe of culture, is the most authentic experience of the three and the only village within which you can spend the night. Disconnected from the nearest town by an adventurous 45 minute drive enables this tribe to remain unblemished from the outside world; just the way they like it. Completely self-sufficient, with no help from the government or new age technologies including electricity, Boti continues to live as their ancestors have done many hundreds of years before them. Other than a short textile demonstration in the morning, you are left alone to freely wander and soak in the daily life of the tribes folk. For travel information read out how to get to Boti page. […]

  • […] Knowing that Boti’s existence is completely independent of government help, that the land is their own and their harvest renders them wholly self sufficient, is reason enough to be in awe of this little community before you have even arrived. Then tales of animistic beliefs and people who communicate with wandering spirits builds up a reputation that a slim cobbled pathway and simple thatch-roof houses can barely live up to. It’s true that Boti is one of a kind but don’t expect to notice it. Instead admire the obscure hillside setting swamped in forest and enjoy the sincere and peaceful silence as it descends upon you. (How to get to Boti) […]

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