How To Travel the World and Keep IT Fresh

How To Travel the World and Keep IT Fresh


….I began to wonder, ‘ how to travel the world and still keep in fresh?!’


After spending 2 years solidly on the road I began to lose interest in my surroundings. Cultures appeared the same, sights were uninspiring and the thought of getting ripped off one more time sent rage through my veins. I was disappointed in myself as a traveller and decided to confess my weakness to my hotel buddies. I was surprised to be greeted with “it took you that long?”


My friends were impressed; some had only been away for a month and were already suffering from a lack of enthusiasm. For the first time ever it dawned on me that even on the road life can become stagnant, unchallenging and dreary. I began to wander ‘how do people travel around the world and keep it fresh?’


Here’s what we do…


Use various forms of transport. When bored of buses and planes opt to crew a yacht over international waters or take a local ferry between islands. Use local transport to maintain a level of amusement of different mechanical contraptions and the people they transport.


Avoid comparing sights. Is this lake as blue as…? this mountain as high as…? It will do your inspiration no good. Obviously comparison is natural but disregarding a feature or landscape wholly because you assume you have seen better is going to ruin your travels.


Take up a volunteer position or find some work. Plunge in and opt to work hard for little money if any. Unpack your belongings and immerse yourself within a community in a way that is impossible for travellers just passing through.


Don’t be afraid to take a ‘break’ from world travel. A holiday from a holiday might sound absurd but giving you time away from rough conditions and continuous travel is revitalising.  Rejuvenate in somewhere luxurious or stay cooped up away ‘from it all’ in front of a television and let someone else have the adventure for a week.


Enrol in a course. Be it a scuba diving course or teaching English as a foreign language course, it will give you a sense of purpose and achievement.


Create a challenge from travel. It might be an overland adventure through a foreign country, attempting to access places outside of your guidebook or gain your own visa instead of paying an agent.


Last but not least. Remember that if every day is feeling like a chore, the heat is making you exhausted and you want to stay out of sight from local people it is truly OK to just go home.




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Volunteering in Palau.




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