Indonesia Visa Extension, North Sulawesi

Indonesia Visa Extension, North Sulawesi



How to get an easy and cheap Indonesia Visa Extension in Bitung:

The immigration office is a five minute drive from the main Port, you can ask a taxi or bemo driver for ‘imigrasi’ and they will get you there. If you are staying at Wisma Laut, Bitungs (only) top hotel at 400,000 Rupiah per room you need only take a five minute walk to the office.


Bitung Immigration office address:

Kantor Imigrasi Bitung. Jalan Dr.Sanratulangi.


Bitung Immigration office phone number:

(0438) 31869 Do not expect them to answer, we tried for two days.


Indonesia Visa Extension Requirements:

Photocopy of passport information page and current Indonesian visa.


Indonesia visa extension processing time:

Takes 2 or 3 days. Arrive before 2pm with photocopies and fill out the extension form. After 2 or 3 days come to make your payment and collect your passport at 2pm. Be prepared to wait 40 minutes before receiving your passport.


Indonesia visa extension price:

250,000 Rupiah ($25) for a 30day extension.



Bitung itself is not a highlight on the tourist trail however with two days to spare you can easily visit Batu Putih. Making treks into the surrounding Tangkoko National Park will allow you to encounter Tarsiers and black macaques, for more information on this area click here.



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