It’s Time To Travel The World Again and I’m So… Urrrrmmm… Dreading it!

It’s Time To Travel The World Again and I’m So… Urrrrmmm… Dreading it!

The count down is on again and that D day is quickly approaching. It is now a fortnight until we leave again and the dread is kicking in. DREAD?! It might sound bizarre to hear me say that as travel is usually a time of excitement and adrenaline but I just can’t shake it. Not unfamiliar with packing my bags and setting off, I still get nervous about leaving some creature comforts behind.


Here are a few things that I’m dreading letting go of, just when I’m about to travel the world:


  • Being able to stay in my pyjamas, make that morning coffee and go back to bed (with no translation troubles).


Travel the world
Roadside Toilets


  • Having my shampoo and conditioner in the shower and LEAVING IT THERE!


  • Throwing my clothes in a washing machine when they are dirty instead of lugging around a sack of festering laundry until we a) have a sink big enough to wash them or b) find a laundromat. Note Well – I cannot fail to mention the embarrassment when you do find a laundromat and the cute little women opens your clothes bag (which has most probably been lugged around with me for a week sealing in the fragrance) and proceeds to man-handle your garments piece by piece to count them.


  • Keeping a close eye on my belongings. The only thing worse than getting robbed is having to count your cash, check your valuables and think of new hiding spots for your mula daily.


  • Having a big fluffy towel and an extra one for my wet hair instead of using my tiny little quick dry travel towel.


  • Uniformity. After months of being gawked at, prodded, stalked, whispered about, shouted at and taunted, just because I look different really f*&^king grates me.  You wouldn’t believe me but Becks and I were bigger tourists attractions at the Great Wall of China than the Great Wall itself. True story.


  • Having a drawer to put my clothes in enabling the floor space beside my bed to be just that, SPACE!
  • Being able to eat what I want, when I want. You know it…there is always that day when you crave something so simple and could whip up in 5 minutes back home but it’s nowhere in sight. Instead there’s no kitchen, no restaurant menu, and sometimes just no food in sight.


  • The ability to just pick up my phone and call rather than sending countless Facebook messages back and forth attempting to organise Skype dates.


  • Clean sheets!!! The amount of times I have paid for a room to find that is permanently occupied in unbelievable. Slippers under the bed, hair and clipping on the sheets, tissues in the bin and toothbrush in the bathroom… oh the dread!


  • Ease of ATM withdrawals and access to money. We hate you HSBC and NAB!


  • Regular pay checks.


  • Regular pay checks!!!


  • Long bus, car, train, taxi journeys… or any road based journey really. We all know it.. that twenty hours cramped in a seat or a dirty little bed, racing at 100 miles an hour,  swerving wildly around cliff edges and heart fizzled from gripping on for dear life. Oh and those toilet stops along the way are always the seediest little roadside shacks with the WORST toilets and weirdest food.


  • Last but certainly not least, obviously the thing we miss most while travelling is not having contact with loved ones. A relationship that survives and thrives regardless of space and time is one of the most precious things a traveller can possess.


Travel the world
Gotta Love Those 20 Hour Bus Journey’s


Thanks for reading, perhaps you have something you dread leaving behind when you take to the road and travel the world?

Let us know and we will add it!!



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Prue Sinclair is a twenty-eight year old Aussie who for the past seven years has been exploring the furthermost reaches of the World. Living anywhere but her homeland, she now resides somewhere in the UK where she writes about the adventures of her Ultimate British Road Trip. Her message is simple: You can get anywhere on any budget, you just need to think outside the box. You can trust she’s finding her way to somewhere lesser-known and writing a ‘How To’ guide.

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  • The washing palaver is just the worst! Unfortunately i’m in the UK now and we still don’t have a machine in the flat, so I’m washing everything in the bath. There is at least hot water and soap, but it’s not so acceptable to have stained work clothes as it is when you’re travelling! Good luck guys!

  • Carol Watters says:

    Prue Bear…you & Becks are an inspiration to millions!!! I am so proud of who you are & who you have become. I could never travel in the style (or lack there of) that you girls do (at times). But if I could say some thing as shallow as wine…decent wine is my creature comfort, the one thing that I miss soooooooooo much particularly travelling throughout all of the Asian countries. I think us Aussie ‘Foodie’ types are so conditioned to enjoying amazing food & exceptional wines together as the ultimate pairing. In Asia you just can not get this…well not easily anyways. I enjoy the food but always feel that without a lovely glass of wine to wash it down…the experience is not complete. But…thankfully…on the flipside we have Europe, yaaaaaaay for Europe’s food & wine culture. Love it, love it, love it & can not wait to experience it all again in a few more months.
    Take care & stay safe, Caz xxx

    • Awwww thanks Carol – we love what we do, we love our ever-changing travel style and our to-do list is to-die for! hahaha. Wine – how could I have missed that off the list. I couldn’t agree with you more, wine is such an important past of our Aussie culture and it’s hard to give up for weeks at a time. Becks and I never deny ourselves wine when it’s available – no matter the cost or budget!!! You are gorgeous and your love for travel, people, food and culture is contagious 🙂 Where is your Europe trip taking you? SO exciting!!!

      Love us,


      • Carol Waters says:

        Hi Prue, Damien & I are heading to Ireland to celebrate a friend’s 60th birthday with her friends & fam in Portarlington (not too far from Dublin). Our friend is Dolores, a crazy, fun loving Irish lassie who lives in Adelaide. Funnily, I became friends with her when we met in Europe in 2012 whilst I was on a Trafalgar tour with Jane. Dolores also came to Bali with us in 2014 when we celebrated my 50th/Damien’s 40th. Whilst in Bali Dolores also became friends with our friend Gayle Hughes & her Mum Jacki…so guess what? Gayle & Jacki are coming to party in Ireland too lol…isn’t life great!!!
        So following a week in Ireland, whilst Damien & I are in that general direction we are also doing an organised tour of Northern Spain, heading out from Barcelona & finishing with a few extra nights in San Sebastian. Also doing another organised tour of Italy, taking in all of the usual sights, both starting & finishing in Rome.
        Then onto a few more weeks in France, doing our own thing spending most of our time in Paris & Nice, the French Riviera. Then just to round it out on the way home we are spending a few more weeks dropping in on Bali, just to make sure we have had plenty of R & R before we get back to the real world back home.
        So this is all happening for us at the end of August, we will be away for 9 weeks all up…Can’t wait!!! xxx

      • Carol, what an itinerary!!! It’s pretty funny the connection you make and how it all works out – that’s pretty cool Gayle is coming. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend 9 weeks, you guys will have an absolute ball!!!!

        Get excited and happy planning Carol.

  • Jennifer Peers says:

    You just saved me heaps of money and put me off travelling I think I’ll just stick to google maps
    Besides I would miss my shoes
    I’ll post a photo of my latest on Facebook to you
    They are a piece of art
    Love you Prue darling girl love your posts
    Jen xxxxxx

  • This is amusing in a resonant way. We love travel, but it certainly has its stretching components. I think the adventure-hearted are so brilliantly fulfilled and authentically embracing their passions when they travel with the right timing though. Have a wondrous trip! May you shampoo find a lovely home and your room always be clean! 🙂

    • Dawn, you will be very happy to know 6 months down the track and my shampoo is still being packed and repacked and our room is miraculously clean errr sort of 🙂 I love sharing the honest, unglamorous sides of travel… I’m glad this post got a giggle.

      Kind regards,


  • alliep says:

    I love to travel more than anything, but it kills me to have to get up so early every day. Between school and work I pretty much wake up at dawn for the rest of the year anyway, so I guess I’d just like to have a few days (or weeks) to sleep in and take it easy, I am on vacation after all 🙂 but then there’s always that feeling that you’re gonna miss something, so I suck it up and go climb a volcano at 5am 😉 and knowing that is probably what I dread most before going travelling

    • Alli, wow you sound a lot like us. You want to do and see everything and then your left exhausted needing a holiday from the holiday. Oh the dread 😛 . I guess what this article is about… travelling sharing the not so glamorous side to travelling… or should we just call them #firstworldproblems 🙂

  • When you put it like that, I can agree with you. I guess that’s why I could probably never go backpacking. I’m a creature comforts girl. But then again, maybe I NEED this kind of stuff to happen to me at least once in my life, so I can appreciate the little things more.

    Safe travels!!

    • Prue Sinclair says:

      Go backpacking! Comfort zones are just that.. Comfort zones. I get nervous all the time and I really do miss my creature comforts but nothing can
      replace that feeling of exploring somewhere you only ever saw on a David Attenborough documentary. Give it a go.. I think you may surprise yourself 🙂

      Thanks for reading and getting in touch!


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