Kazakhstan Tourist Visa From China

Obtaining a Kazakhstan tourist visa is a relatively easy affair and can be done in Urumqi, Xinjiang Province, China which is close to the Chinese/Kazakh border.

Do not queue out the front with the locals, take the initiative and walk in through the front doors and you will be served pretty much immediately.

Before submitting your visa application you will be asked to get a bank receipt, fill out an application from another building, get photocopies and so forth. However, this is relatively easy and with their advice it takes about an hour in total.

NW: Staff are friendly and willing to help. A pleasant experience overall.

Name: Kazakh Representative Office

Address: 216, Kunming Lu Road, Xiao Xi Gou, Ürümqi, China

Days to Obtain Kazakhstan Tourist Visa: 3 days

Kazakhstan Tourist Visa Requirements: Passport, 2 passport photos, a bank statement (don’t stress they will direct you on how/where to obtain one) and a completed application form (staff from the consulate will direct you to one).


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