Kompong Luong: Tonle Sap Floating Village

Kompong Luong: Tonle Sap Floating Village


Kompong Luong has all the makings of a normal Cambodian town. It has a church, a supermarket, fuel stations, highways and construction sites. It also has tuk tuks, street venders and farms and is vibrant, bustling and over populated. Yet Kompong Luong is a little unique and more than a little obscure; the entire town is afloat.


Is Kompong Luong one of the best places to see in Cambodia? You bet!






How to get to Kompong Luong

On the western highway that runs the length of Cambodia’s mighty lake sits the small dirty town of Krakor. It’s a midway hop off between Battembang and Phnom Penh and 5km from the departure point to visit Cambodia’s finest and least visited floating villages. You can comfortably arrive in Krakor, make a sightseeing tour of Kompong Luong and flag an onward bus to Battembang within a single day (or vice versa). This way you would avoid having to stay in one of Cambodia’s poorest travel destinations with only two grungy hotels at your disposal.


In Krakor you must charter transport to take you tot he fringes of Tonle Sap Lake, you can really see the poverty of the local Cambodian’s on this five minute trip. I only hope that some of the money from tourists goes towards making their lives a little easier. On the lakeside is a tourist information board, choose between two villages and depending on how many of you there are depends on how cheap your personal boat is. $15 covered the two of us and we pottered out to the centre of the lake for an hour, Kompong Luong was a fascinating sight to behold!


Be warned that drivers tend to cut trips short or lose the will to complete a duo trip, do not be afraid to ask for your money back if this is the case. We were duped out of visiting the ‘petrified forest.’ Maybe it doesn’t even exist or it could be that our driver was in a hurry to get back for his dinner.


Where to stay in Krakor

If you do choose to stay in Krakor the Paris guesthouse is right beside the bus drop off point and offers room for 6 dollars a night. Do not feel embarrassed to ask the friendly owner for a change of sheets or to throw the previous guests toothbrush into the trash. Good restaurants are few and far between; about 300metres along the turnoff towards the lake we found a relatively clean house selling fried noodles with vegetables.



Kampong Luong Pictorial



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  • cangureta says:


    I’m going to do a trip around the world (starting on April 2015) and I’m going to be around middle June in Cambodia, but only for few days. I’m planning to visit Siem Reap (Ankor) and then go to Phnom Penh (to take a plane to Australia). But, I would like to visit Kompong Luong, I think that it’s an interesting place. Then, I have some questions that maybe you can help me 🙂

    1) Is it ok go to Kompong Luong in June?
    2) How to arrive from Siem Reap to Kompong Luong?
    3) Then, how to go from there to Phnom Penh?

    Do you recomend to spend a night in the floating village or better in Krakor?

    Also, do you know if are there any possibility to go from Siem Reap to Kompong (spend day there) and then take a bus to Phnom Penh?

    Thaks a lot!!!

    • Hey there Esther,

      Great news! Kompong Luong certainly is an interesting place and well worth a short detour. I hope I can help with your questions.
      Firstly, I am sure Kompong Luong is ok to visit in June, We was there in April and it was fantastic.
      Our “How to get to Kampong Luong” in this post should help get you from Battembang to Kompong Luong. There are buses connecting Siem Reap with Battembang. Cambodia has really good transport services that will get you almost anywhere, if you have the time 🙂 ha!

      Krakor is an impoverished town with little in the way of infrastructure and food. It’s a fractionating place and we cannot say we didn’t enjoy it, however I have to add that there are no creature comforts and food is scarce.

      Tours of the lake take a few hours and buses run regularly so there possibilities to leave to Phnom Penh in the same day.

      I hope I have cleared up a few of your questions Esther and I hope your trip to Cambodia is fascinating, insightful and adventurous. Please do not hesitate to contact us with further queries.

      Kind regards,


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  • Karen says:

    Sorry in the wrong story the comment was for the story, Fellow Travellers, Would it Kill You to Show a Little Courtesy/Generosity While in Cambodia?

  • Karen says:

    Go girls. People make me sad and angry when they have to put others down to make themselves feel better. People with small minds.

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