Leirhnjukur Lava Field and Geothermal Area

Leirhnjukur Lava Field and Geothermal Area

Explore Iceland: explore leirhnjukur lava field


One of the most enchanting places to take a stroll in north Iceland is Leirhnjukur Lava Field. Taking 1or 2 hours to complete the 5km walking loop you will encounter an aqua blue sulphuric pool encased in colourful sulphurous mounds, a grisly steaming lava field and black gaping cracks (fissures) within a cooled lava valley.


The steam is a result of heat that still escapes this once molten rock. From 1975 to 1984 this region continually released lava from fissures that connected the surface to a magma chamber 3 miles below. This continual performance, fuelled by sporadic and frequent minor earthquakes, is referred to as the ‘Krafla Fires’ which created a whopping 35 square kilometre lava field. Nowadays the surplus amount of lava infused with iron and sulphur deposits (red and yellow respectively) creates a fantastic and striking display.


How to get to Leirhnjukur Lava Field

East of Lake Myvatn is the 863, a paved road that leads north from the N1. Continue past the Leirbotn power station and lookout for an unmarked left turn that leads into the Leirhnjukur car park. The presence of a toilet block and billboard should help. Continue up the 863 and find yourself at Viti Crater Lake.




Leirhnjukur Lava Field, Explore Iceland Leirhnjukur Lava Field, Explore Iceland




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