Lembeh Diving Photography

  • Lembeh Diving Photography

Explore North Sulawesi: go Lembeh Diving!


An underwater wonderland Lembeh diving is second to none for critter enthusiasts. After taking three dives a day for a week we accumulated a huge list of creatures that we had never seen before and found critters we didn’t think existed. This gallery represents our finest Lembeh diving photos, for a full account of the animals we found during our week on Lembeh Island check our stuck in the muck post.

This was our first attempt at underwater macro photography and we were highly impressed by the results (even if we say so ourselves). Prue and I, however are always looking to improve so we would love any feedback from professional or amateur photographers.


lembeh photography
Coconut Octopus


lembeh photography, North Sulawesi
Hairy frogfish


Lembeh Diving Photography


lembeh diving, North Sulawesi, lembeh
Mimic Octopus


lembeh diving, North Sulawesi, lembeh


lembeh photography, North Sulawesi, lembeh
Flamboyant Cuttlefish


lembeh photography, North Sulawesi, lembeh
Mourning Cuttlefish


lembeh photography
Banggai Cardinal Fish


Scuba Dive The World - Wunderpus - Lembeh, Indonesia


Lembeh Diving Photography


lembeh photography
The Eye of a Crocodile Fish




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