Meet Merapi Volcano: World’s Most Active Volcano

Meet Merapi Volcano: World’s Most Active Volcano

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Awaiting the new ‘world’s most active volcano’ register, let us honour Merapi Volcano who has dominated the number one spot for over a decade. Merapi Volcano or Gunung Merapi as they call her in Indonesia (Literal translation- Mountain of Fire) has a temper. This temper has warded her the title of “World’s most active volcano’ for over ten years. Throughout history Merapi Volcano has threatened, killed and demolished but people refuse to abandon her. Merapi’s fertile slopes are littered with small villages whose lives rest in the hands of this omnipresent neighbour.


What is rather amusing about this iconic and conical 3000m giant is that despite being the most active she is also one of the most easily accessible volcanoes in the World.



Where Is Merapi Volcano?

Merapi’s ash slopes are a small hike from the quaint village of Kaliurang which sits scarily lose to her smoking cone. Kaliurang is 25km from Jogjakarta on and frequent buses shuttle up (slowly) and down (quickly) from a set of crossroads just north of the city centre. Most tourists can leave the city of Jogjakarta and be strolling in the ‘evacuation zone’ in 30minutes.



Merapi Volcano tour:

Early morning sunrise tours depart Vogels hostel. For $15 you will get two breakfasts, a hike onto the ash fields and close in on the danger zone. Vogels has been running this tour for decades and it is fabulous, their accommodation is cheap.



Merapi Volcano, Explore Java






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