My Fetish With Spanish Doors

My Fetish With Spanish Doors

I’ve fallen for Spanish doors. Big time!


As I wander down the cobbled alleyways of any Spanish town I have visited, a door, seemingly nailed to the grouted wall, hangs. Each door I see is unique in size, shape, colour, style and material which ceases to become tiresome. In my defence I am from Australia where when it comes to doors usually bigger is always better. Where as here in Spain, it is certainly the opposite. Some Spanish doors are so small you have to crouch through to enter, yet still possess a ‘Wow’ factor and an individual flare.


Come on, how could you not fall in love with these beauties?!


Spanish Doors Spanish Doors Spanish doors



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Prue Sinclair is a twenty-eight year old Aussie who for the past seven years has been exploring the furthermost reaches of the World. Living anywhere but her homeland, she now resides somewhere in the UK where she writes about the adventures of her Ultimate British Road Trip. Her message is simple: You can get anywhere on any budget, you just need to think outside the box. You can trust she’s finding her way to somewhere lesser-known and writing a ‘How To’ guide.

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  • Ha ha! Lovely doors! I’ve actually just spent 2 days photographing doors and balconies here in Cusco…

    • Hey Katie, I’m glad to see we share the same obsession 🙂 Mine started in Western China and has never left me. Cusco, Peru… very nice! Does that mean a Machu Picchu climb is in order?? Prue

  • Su says:

    Hi Prue. Yeh maybe not practical info but photos for the soul. Love the doors, glad you’re back showing some of the quirkyer sides of your travelling. Su

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