Nusa Penida Island, You Have To Go

Nusa Penida Island, You Have To Go

Visit Bali: visit Nusa Penida Island


These are our four reasons of why you have to visit Nusa Penida Island


ONE. So close to Bali, yet so far. For decades while Bali has developed, Nusa Penida Island has been left alone, untouched and ready for exploration.

TWO. The wilderness will transport you back to the set of Jurassic park. Primitive roads snake through the dense flora which can only be accessed via confident moped drivers. Find an escape from these endless roads and emerge upon a 400m vertical cliff. Watch as giant mantas swirl beneath in the idyllic blue ocean.

THREE. Friendly locals are willing to return your smile, Bulee prices are not yet in existence and traditions remain intact.

FOUR. Share the lookout points with no one. Only a handful of tourists are venturing to Penida so when your staring in awe, looking at the enormous sea cater before you, you cannot help but feel like the only person in the world.

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Nusa Penida Island: Fact File

Where is Nusa Penida Island?

Just south of Bali sit three little islands, Nusa Penida is the dominating landmass while, Nusa Lembongan forms a channel


How to get to Nusa Penida Island?

Check your weather situation. A strong wind and rough sea will stop anyone from sailing the 20km between Bali and its southern islands. Ferries leave either from Sanur or Padangbai on Bali’s southern coast. Boats also connect Nusa Lembongan with Nusa Penida.


From Sanur. Fast Ferries and local boats leaving from Sanur Beach are scheduled at 08.00, 11:00, 14:00 & 16:30. and cost around 250,000 – 300,000/person (one way). Be careful of the Wallace line where waves might increase in size


From Padangbai. It is possible to get your motorcycle onboard a passenger ferry for 15,000 per person and 20,000 for the moped. The ferry leaves at around 2pm but it is wise to get there early, around 11am in order to attain a ticket from a queue of eager locals. If you arrive late you may be able to bribe the officials in order to catch the boat. The boat takes 1 1/2 hours in calm seas. and lands in the town of Sampalan in the north east. There are several fast boats, but these are expensive from Padangbai.


From Nusa Lembongan. A public boat leaves at around 6am each morning. A tiny local boat can also be chartered from 100,000. Jus ask locals along the beach.


Leaving Nusa Penida Island

From Sampalan. The single large passenger-car ferry departs daily from Sampalan at 11 am. We recommend you arrive no later then 10:30 to book ticket.


From Toyapakeh. Boats leave for Sanur every, well whenever they fancy it seems. Several operators have timetables which depict 7 departures per day but then they choose which of those seven will go on a daily basis. Hotel staff and local warung owners alike seem to possess a knowledge of ‘all’ that goes on in Penida and will be able to relay tomorrows specific boat timings.



Nusa Penida Accommodation

The relatively new Namaste bungalows are french owned, reasonably priced and very cute. Isolated in the outskirts of tiny Sakti, these bungalows ooze tranquility. For a standard room you will be looking at 350,000 rupee including breakfast. (+) Friendly Staff and very helpful with ferry times (+) delicious bali coffee is 7,000 rupee (+) Motorbike hire is 70,000 for the day (+) Snorkel with mantas is 200,000 rupee – who wouldn’t be happy with that price (+) cute pool area (+) awesome pancakes for 18,000 rupee (+) comfortable bed and pillows, large room and very clean bathroom! (-) Tours are not refined just yet. Maybe hold back until they have settled in a little more. (-) Existing tours are expensive (except snorkelling with mantas) and the tour guides lack knowledge of the local area.



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  • Kaitlyn J Larson says:

    How did you get around Nusa Penida? I will be staying for two days and want to be able to go explore everything. Do you recommend a motorbike? I’ve read reviews that the roads are quite dangerous.

    • Hey Kaitlyn,
      Very jealous you are heading to Nusa Penida, it’s a really beautiful spot plus it’s warmer than Scotland which is where we currently are haha.
      Becks and I hired motorbikes and brought them on the ferry over to use whilst we are there, however scooter hire prices were extremely reasonable on the island and we should have just hired them once we got there. I’m half decent at driving an automatic scooter and found most of the island ok to drive around on however when reaching bana cliffs it was quite difficult conditions. The other 2 girls we were with were not confident with a scooter and paid for lift from the hotel. I think there were day tours that you could choose from the hotel too which took you to all the spots.
      I’m not sure what your cash flow situation but this might be the best option especially if you want to see everything.

      Say hello to the mantas for us 🙂

      kind regards,


  • Such a beautiful area! We spent a week on Nusa Lembongan, which is also where I did my PADI course. Absolutely amazing diving! Did you explore Lembongan and Cenigan at all?
    – Jesse

    • Hailey it really is. So few people leave Bali and explore the islands within such close proximity… I haven’t explored nearly as much as I would have liked. 7 months in Indo and my list never got any shorter, it just kept growing! Nusa Lembongan and Ceningan are just two of those places I want to go back for, i’ve heard fantastic reviews! I’ve dived all around there but not explored the islands themselves. Tell me about them, what are they like??


      • Out of our 1 month in Indo (so not enough, you’re right and you had 7x what we did!) we spent a week on Lembongan. We hadn’t booked accommodations before, just ferried over and found a bungalow up the beach. It’s just so much more laid back than Bali, and the time we spent on Java was a different world! Many days were spent diving around Lembongan, Cenigan, and Penida (we saw enormous mantas on one dive).
        We had a scooter on the other days and explored the entire island on it, as well as Cenida by bridge for a day. The beach of Lembongan is a bit touristy as there are daily shuttles from Bali… but but beyond that there’s mangrove forests, potholed roads that wind through rainforest and the island’s town center, and big tarps of green and purple seaweed drying in the sun after a day’s harvest.
        Cenigan was even further laid back from Lembongan. There we found private beaches and a blue lagoon with stunning azure waters – with nobody else around while we enjoyed the view.

      • Sounds like a pretty sweet trip! The mantas are fantastic and so too are the scooter trails! Brilliant stuff Hailey, you make me want to pack my bags and get exploring.

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  • Derek4Real says:

    Love NP, despise Bali, and love all the rest of Indonesia. Spent a year traveling the country by motorcycle and learning the language. Hella place. But I’m getting off-topic. Glad to hear y’all escaped the crowds and discovered the beauty and friendliness of NP. I stayed at Namaste too, my friend is friends with the owner. Great place 🙂

    • Hey Derek! Thanks for getting in touch. Nusa Penida was absolutely unreal! Such a distant memory from the chaos of Kuta. A year travelling Indo! What an achievement. We just finished a 7 month stint and have fallen in Love! Indo as a country offers so much and it’s a shame so many people never leave the shores of Bali. Are you thinking of going back??


      • Derek4Real says:

        Yup, I fell in love there too. Plus had a lot of amazing opportunities. No country has ever treated me so well. Starred in a tourism film, appeared on a nationally televised game show, made the news, did English narration for a video, got offered a book deal, gave a couple presentations at schools around Java, started learning Bahasa Indonesia and have even written a few blog posts in Bahasa. So yes, I am definitely going back. This December in fact. With over 17,000 islands there is still plenty of remote places left for me to explore.

      • Sweet, Enjoy mate!! Sounds like Indo will look after you as it has done before!

        Good luck with it all,

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