10 Reasons to Love New Zealand

10 Reasons to Love New Zealand

After a difficult start in Queenstown we took to the road and began driving through the country. To keep our costs down we used relocation vehicles which meant that our transportation was free but time restrained! It didn’t give us oodles of time to navigate our way from the south to the north but that somehow didn’t matter. Over the course of a week we  found several reasons to love New Zealand without detouring or actually, even trying to!



Here are ten reasons to love New Zealand …



Mountain Passes

Arthurs Pass is just one example of the plethora of mountain passes you can drive through in New Zealand.

Reasons to Love New Zealand, Arthurs Pass, mountain pass





It’s no surprise that one of the reasons to Love New Zealand is for its superb hiking. Day hikes to week long expeditions, we just can’t wait to get out and do some more.

Reasons to Love New Zealand, Straight On Detour



Strange Rock Formations

Castle Hill boasts some seriously enormous boulders which are great for climbers.

Reasons to Love New Zealand, Castle Hill, Arthurs Pass




Kea’s are over-friendly and seriously funny birds. Tourists are encouraged not to feed them as it can harm their health but you can still get ever so close to them but beware, they cause havoc to parked vehicles.

Reasons to Love New Zealand, Kea Bird



Lake Views

It’s easy to find a gorgeous view in New Zealand, especially around one of its many lakesides.

Reasons to Love New Zealand, Lake Views



A Seal Nursery

(yes even David Attenborough filmed this one, a hidden little pool at the bottom of a waterfall where the youngest seals spend a few days learning how to swim)

Love New Zealand, World Travel, Rebecca Mayoll




Awesome Sunsets

Oyster catchers feeding at sunset.

Love New Zealand, Straight On Detour



Catching a Moonrise

A blood red moon rising behind the seals of Kaikoura.

Reasons to Love New Zealand, Moon Rise, Kaikoura




There are so many to choose from in New Zealand, from mud baths to luxury pools. I got to try out this one as a special treat for my birthday, certainly loving life in this candlelit spa.

Reasons to Love New Zealand, Spa, Queenstown




Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari offer you great sighting opportunities for marine mammals. We saw no whales but got some great dolphin and gannet action.

Love New Zealand, Dolphin, Auckland




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Rebecca Mayoll is a ‘just turned 30’ freelance writer and photographer from England. She is the co-founder and author of straightondetour.com, a travel website with the mantra ‘find your own adventure.’ Promoting adventurous destinations, independent travel and giving a humorous insight to the World of travel is what Becky does best.

  • I’m glad you’ve found some joy in New Zealand. I was worried you might be a bit mountained out after Canada! I love your Kea photo. 🙂

    • Hey Katie,

      Becks response to your comment was… aww she is SO NICE! haha.

      We are a little mountaineer out after Canada it is true but the climate and rainforest was really different in the south which made it incomparable to Canada. Love the Kea, never heard of it before and then when I saw one I was freaking out, so damn cute!!! haha

      Hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year.

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