Road Trips in Central Spain

Road Trips in Central Spain

Travel Spain: Road Trips in Central Spain


The central region of Spain, Castilla-la Mancha is like Australia; it is dry, arid and absolutely enormous.  Stretching from Andalusia in the south, all the way up to Aragon and Castilla Y Leon in the north, Castilla-la Mancha is brilliantly diverse. From medieval castles and pine forests, to lunar landscapes and dramatic gorges, you can find it all here in this scarcely visited region. This is our guide to road trips in central Spain.






La Hoz del Jucar

(Green marker). The la Hoz del Jucar is a 40km scenic drive to the east of Catilla-la Mancha which follows the winding enormous white cliffs and deep gorge. Famed for it’s stunning scenery, castles and idyllic Spanish towns this is one road trip you shouldn’t miss.



Lunar landscape

(Orange Marker). Inland from Alicante, a stones throw from Murcia, is an undulating desert of colourful sands and the abandoned village of Santa Eulalia.



A31 highway for Spanish Castles

(Blue Marker). A major highway which crosses Spain, yet for me, is affiliated with crumbling castles from ancient eras. Sit back, put your foot to the peddle and just watch them pass you by but heed my warning, you may not need to look at another castle for a while.



Montes de Toledo

(red marker). A 75km loop which guides you past the eastern Montes de Toledo ranges, through thick woodland of the Parque Nacional de Cabaneros and into villages dating back to the 8th century.



Serrania de Cuenca

(yellow marker). Follows the serrania, a mountainous area of pine forests, golden wheat fields and sunflower paddocks, ending up down by the Jucar river which meanders between two rocky cliffs.


Road Trips in Central Spain, travel spain
Lunar Landscape
Road Trips in Central Spain, travel spain




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