Top 6 Volcano Adventures in Indonesia

Top 6 Volcano Adventures in Indonesia

Indonesia is situated on top of the tumultuous Eurasian and Pacific fault line, right in the heart of the ring of fire. With over 400 volcanoes varying in seismic activity and personality, it’s understandable why Indonesia is one of the top destinations to see and research volcanic activity at its most terrifying. If you are looking for a high octane, adrenaline filled, sulphuric world travel adventure, then look no further. Indonesia recognises it’s potential as a volcanic tourist destination and makes even the most remote volcanoes accessible. All you need to do is find a trustworthy local guide, stock up on your adrenalin and pack your hiking shoes.



Here are Indonesia’s top 6 Volcano Adventures:



Accessibility: How easy to reach with transport.

Difficulty: How much physical effort you need to put in to get to the crater.

Adrenaline: Scale from pulse raising to terrifying

Beauty: How pretty it is




Gunung Bromo, Java.

Gunung Bromo, Volcano Adventures in Indonesia


Accessibility: 5/5.

Difficulty rating: 1/5.

Adrenaline: 3/5

Beauty: 5/5


This is Indonesia’s picture postcard premier attraction, it is so easily accessible that you’ll be in a queue to reach the sunrise spot. But don’t let that prevent you from paying a visit to one of the worlds most stunning sunrise lookouts and a daunting walk along the rim of an active volcano, made easily accessible by a small staircase.

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Gunung Ijen, Java.

Gunung Ijen, Volcano Adventures in Indonesia

Accessibility: 3/5

Difficulty: 2/5

Adrenaline: 4/5

Beauty: 5/5


Boasting the worlds largest blue fire, most scariest work site and a mesmerising aqua crater lake it is no wonder that this eastern Javanese, emerald coloured site is drawing more and more crowds every year. A steep three hour climb, an early start (expect to be hiking by 3am) and a steep decent will get you front row seats to watch blue flames erupting from the crater. Be prepared for clouds of sulphurous fumes as you wait patiently for sunrise, we strongly recommend bringing something to cover your face.

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Gunung Krakatoa, Sumatra.

Gunung Krakatoa, Volcano Adventures in Indonesia

Accessibility: 1/5

Difficulty: 2/5

Adrenaline: 4/5

Beauty: 4/5


Its a three hour rickety boat ride from Sumatra’s south western shores, a journey which will get your heart pounding even in peaceful weather. Since its infamous explosion Krakatoa exploded itself into a medley of mini volcanic islands erupting from the shores, climbing to the top of one of these is tough work in hot weather but the views are sublime.



Gunung Dukono, Halmahera.

Duckono Volcano, Volcano adventures in Indonesia

Accessibility: 1/5

Difficulty: 4/5

Adrenaline: 5/5

Beauty: 5/5


Isolated and daunting, a trip to Dukono is terrifying and exhilarating, in that order. A two day adventure awaits anyone who dares to take a guided tour to Dukono’s crater. One day biking and hiking towards the midpoint along skinny dirt trails and a night camping on its lava field plateau. On the second day you’ll be waking up well before dawn to climb to the summit of a roaring volcano as the ground rumbles beneath your feet. The whole point is for you to be able to stare directly into a lava melting pot the size of a football stadium. Oh, and if like us your guide yells “danger!” Then please run.

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Gunung Merapi, Java.

Merapi, top 5 Volcano adventures in Indonesia

Accessibility: 4/5

Difficulty: 3/5

Adrenaline: 3/5

Beauty: 4/5


At the time of writing access to Merapi’s crater was forbidden however groups can ascend the volcanic slopes onto the ash fields of this magnificent crater and walk within the lava tunnels created from its last blast. Our high adrenaline rating comes from standing within the danger zone of the worlds most active volcano and the fact that Merapi looms ominously above your head in all her glory the whole time.


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Gunung Rinjani, Lombok.

Gunung Rinjani, Volcano Adventures in Indonesia
Photo Credit: Visit Indonesia Tourism Officer

Accessibility: 3/5

Difficulty: 5/5

Adrenaline: 3/5

Beauty: 5/5


Despite its recent 2015 eruption Rinjani remains to be one of Indonesia’s best workouts. hat is many down to the fact that you are required to climb upwards while slipping downwards on its soft ashy flanks for hours. The reward for the climb is an extraordinary and picturesque view  (if the weather allows it (and it usually does in the early morning) of an enclosed lakeside volcano.




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  • Hello Girls!!
    More to adventure in Java! Available in western Java of five volcanoes around my hometown, Ciamis. I am not sure would be the best choices . It is depending on your values to give. Here’s the volcanoes: Gunung Tangkuban Parahu, Bandung., Gunung Papandayan, Garut., Gunung Galunggung, Tasikmalaya., Gunung Ciremai, Kuningan., and Gunung Slamet, Purwokerto. Now is new opened of botanical gardens at two volcanoes. The first botanical garden is Kebun Raya Kuningan in Gunung Ciremai and the second is Kebun Raya Baturraden in Gunung Slamet. Check it out on the next adventures!
    Greetings from Indonesia
    Sugaluhlang Traveller

    • Hi Sugaluhlang,

      Thanks for dropping us an email. I have to let you know we have travelled quite a bit around Ciamis and have visited some of the volcanoes you speak of! West Java is beautiful, what a fantastic place to explore.

      Becks and I visited Bandung and went up to Gunung Tangkuban Parahu in Bandungan and also went to the temple at Candi songo. There are some volcanoes we haven’t visited though and you have put a bunch on our list. Gunung Ciremai looks unreal, Thank you!!!

      We are planning on coming back to Indonesia at the end of the year, we will see what volcanoes we can fit in 🙂

      Thank you again,

      terima kasih,


  • Carmen B says:

    Great post, girls!!
    You’re missing Kelimutu, an absolutely gorgeous crater filled with colorful lakes.
    Check out our blog post about it and the rest of Flores island if you need more inspiration and tips:

    • Hi Carmen,

      Nice addition there, the twin lakes are pretty unusual!!
      I hiked Kelimutu a few years back when I travelled Flores. Although I was mainly there for diving and checking out Sangean under water activity, I got a lot from the mainland. You took some beautiful pictures when you were there, thank you for the guide also 🙂

      Indo lovers have to stick together, tell me about some more of your favourite spots!!

      Kindest regards,


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