Travel Necessities: 11 Reasons to Pack a Sarong

Travel Necessities: 11 Reasons to Pack a Sarong


There are many world travel items you would deem travel necessities and a sarong is one of them. Here are 11 reasons why we never leave home without one and neither should you.


.1 For some temples a sarong wrapped around the waist is a requirement. Having one in your backpack will save you hiring one that is overused and costly.


.2. Save room in your backpack by packing a lightweight sarong instead of a bulky beach towel.


.3. Use your sarong as a pillow case or bed sheet to cover those sceptical beds or pillows in dingy hostel rooms.


.4. A quick throw on after the beach, your sarong can instantly make you suitable for a bar or café.


.5. A sarong can also be used as a comfortable side bag for day or beach adventures.


.6. A sarong can come in handy for first aid. It can be used as a successful compression bandage or as a sling.


.7. Travel as a ‘flash-packer’ with your very own romantic picnic rug.


.8. A trusty sarong can be used as a scarf in cooler climates or give extra insulation to that aeroplane or bus ride.


.9. When pesky sunlight wakes you up in the morning, you can make a temporary curtain with your sarong and sticky tape. A makeshift curtain can also be used to gain a little privacy in a busy dorm room.


.10. Use your sarong to cover your shoulders to keep within cultural standards in sensitive areas.


.11. Wrap your laptop or camera up in your sarong for extra protective padding.



Please Note Well – Do not add a newly purchased sarong to your everyday laundry, unless you really REALLY like the colour!



Do we have you Convinced??? GOOD, because the next essential travel item in your backpack is going to be an errrr.. plastic bag.




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