Viti Crater Lake

Viti Crater Lake

Explore Iceland: explore Viti Crater Lake

Despite having a name that literally means “Hell” Viti crater lake is a rather gorgeous place to visit.


To gain a true perspective of the size of this crater walk in an opposite direction to your travel partner- it is massive! The plummeting walls come to a halt at an aqua marine lake that freezes over in winter. Viti crater is the by-product of Krafla’s eruption in 1724, an eruption that signalled the beginning of 5 years of volcanic activity. The summit of the volcano continues to impose a presence and a shadow upon its masterpiece that lies pleasantly on its gravel slopes. By taking care on the slippery ground (especially in winter) you can circumnavigate the rim of the lake.


How to get to Viti Crater lake

East of Lake Myvatn is the 863, a paved road that leads north from the N1. Continue past the Leirbotn power station and Leirhnjukur Geothermal area to a small car park. Viti is less than 100m from here.



Viti Crater Lake, Explore Iceland
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